About Us

www.aroundrock3.com is the culmination of 3 years of ruminating on how to turn a personal travel blog into something that could also provide me with some additional income to enable me to enjoy travelling around the world for many years to come without having to worry about a job everywhere I wanted to go.   Starting off as a personal travel blog about our family adventure as we relocated from the countryside of the picturesque South Island of New Zealand (pop. 3,000) to the busy metropolis of Moscow, Russian Federation (pop. 12,000,000) it has for 3 years been our way of sharing our adventure with friends and family and people I don’t even know as its popularity has spread (with over 21,000 page views in that time).

Through the original blog I have documented our family’s travels through Russia, Finland, Japan and back to Finland again, along with various side trips along the way, but have always wondered what more the blog could become as it had morphed into not only a record of our adventure but a travel guide for some of the fun things we have done along the way.  After trying various paid blogging / travel opportunities along the way to enhance my income, which generally didn’t live up to their potential I have given a lot of thought to how a successful travel blog could work and also provide income opportunities for those who contribute to it.

Hence www.aroundrock3.com was born, as we live on the 3rd rock from the Sun, Around Rock 3 sounded like a funky name for a site dedicated to sharing stories of people who are out there enjoying what our earth has to offer.   This site is for all those like minded individuals out there who see life as an adventure, who like to experience life, different places and cultures rather than just see them, for whom travel is more about smelling the mountain daisies in the Alps, enjoying a daily coffee with locals in a Tuscan village or even getting naked and sweaty in a sauna with a group of Finns than it is about ticking off all the must see attractions in as many countries as you can squeeze into your one month holiday.

The plan now is to build up a portfolio of contributors / members who will provide a regular flow of quality posts about what this world has to offer, about what it is like to live in a strange culture, the challenges of being an expat especially when you can’t speak the local language, coupled with advice on useful products and services related to travelling, even hopefully the ability for our contributors to be able to offer travel related services (travel planning, guiding) in the areas they live.   By having a pool of quality bloggers providing good stories on a regular basis we will have a better opportunity to develop income generating opportunities from affiliate links, advertising, etc on the site than we would as individual bloggers.   After paying for direct costs of running the blog my aim is to share the profits amongst the contributors who will be making the blog successful.  As I finalise the details on how this will work I will post it online in a section about becoming a Rock 3 Rover (one of our intrepid reporters…).  At this stage I am starting off with baby steps and getting the content loaded which will allow us to build readership which in turn will lead to advertising income, so we have a little time up our sleeve before money will be a real issue….(hopefully not, but it is best to be conservative…)

Go to our Team page to find out more about our contributors, links to their own sites and Instagram feeds and discover more of this great rock we live on through the eyes of people living it everyday.

Please bookmark our site and come back regularly to enjoy our adventures as we get out and around Rock 3.   If you are interested in being a contributor to aroundrock3.com please complete the application form and once we have approved your application to join our team you can start blogging and sharing your experiences of ex-pat life.