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Basecamp is a place for all our intrepid Rovers to gather round the proverbial campfire and share their stories about their adventures around this big rock we all live on, or for those of you with more upmarket tastes when it comes to travel think of it as the member’s lounge of your favourite airline, where you will spend some time between flights talking about your next adventure while taking advantage of a few free drinks.


The basic concept of Around Rock 3 is to create a vibrant magazine style blogging platform for expats and experiential travelers to share their experiences of life around Rock 3 and to provide a way to benefit financially from the effort they put in to sharing their experiences.   As individual bloggers we might (on average) produce a new post once to twice a month and attract an audience of family and friends as well as a few strangers who may stumble upon our blog along the way, but we don’t really have a big enough following or enough frequently updated material to attract a regular audience large enough to capitalise on in a financial manner.   We could run a few affiliate adverts but in reality unless we manage to find an immensely popular programme, the traffic will never be large enough to ever make anything from the links.

Why Become a Rock 3 Rover ?

If you are an expat, an experiential traveller or even someone who just loves exploring and sharing their own backyard you can become a Rock 3 Rover and benefit from being a part of our community.  We are only just starting out so are hoping to add further benefits as our membership grows.  Below are some of the benefits of signing up TODAY;

  • Access to our Word Press hosted blog platform where you can share your travel related stories.
  • Large contributors network will result in more regular updates and a larger and more frequent readership, giving you more exposure to expose your own personal blog as well.
  • Membership to our profit sharing program for active members.
  • Opportunities to try out travel related products and services in return for writing a review.
  • Access to a number of travel related products and services that return a commission to the member pool, which will be distributed to active members on a regular basis via our profit sharing program. (Providers include Travel Payouts, Amazon, IMG Insurance, Internations, and more to come)
  • Ability to sell your travel images via our online platform (coming soon)
  • Ability to offer your services as a travel advisor / guide in your area.
  • Access to exclusive member discounts (to be confirmed)
  • By blogging as a business you may be able to deduct some of your travel related expenditure for tax purposes (check with an accountant familiar with your situation before claiming anything).   This could include claiming back on costs of things like cameras, computers, office furniture, a portion of your household costs and even some of the actual costs of travel related to writing your blog posts.
  • Most importantly it is FREE.
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  1. Before I join anything I usually need alot more detailed information on how everthing works especially when it comes to the potential earnings from your profit sharing program otherwise this sounds like just another hyped up money making program or just another social network like facebook or twitter which are more of a social gathering then a profitable place to post your business affiliated blogs with little results.
    I would also love to see quite a few testimonials on others who have join and their experience using this platform.

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