Tony Fitzpatrick

AftIMG_0698er an all too brief love affair with Japan in the early ’90’s Tony returned to New Zealand with the desire to both return to Japan and explore more of what the world had to offer, but life intervened, love blossomed, children were born and life kept him in New Zealand (not a bad place to be stuck though).

In 2012 an opportunity arose to relocate his family to Moscow, Russian Federation where the adventure of a lifetime began.   Moscow didn’t go fully to plan but it was a starting point from which a lifetime of unrequited wanderlust has been released, he and his family have now lived in 3 totally different countries and visited around a dozen more so far.   His children are fluent speakers of Japanese after having spent 2 years in a Japanese public school and one is now learning in Finnish in a Finnish public school.

He has experienced the wonder of new places, the disappointment of things falling apart in a strange land and the difficulties of living in a land where you don’t know the language, along with starting over as a solo father in yet another new land.

For the first 3 years of travelling Tony managed to keep himself employed operating his own business remotely in New Zealand and has only recently taken on a job (the one he dreamed about as a kid) to guarantee a monthly income now that he is solely responsible for looking after his son.   In his spare time he continues to operate his design business in New Zealand and is working on a number of web based projects, including, (with his son) and   You will also find him around the cricket fields of Finland where he plays for 2015 Championship winning team SKK and is also involved with developing junior cricket in Finland.

Tony loves to be able to get away with his son for a weekend every now and then with their favourite city being Tallinn, Estonia, with its mix of Finnish orderliness and Russian chaos, which is only a short ferry ride across the Baltic Sea.   He enjoys the craftsmanship of old buildings and never tires of checking out churches and castles in new cities he visits.

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