Find Your Way Around a New City Quickly With GPS Guided Travel Apps

How Can a GPS Guided Travel App Help Me ?

We all know how overwhelming it can be to arrive in a new city, with maybe only a few days to experience it to its fullest, trying to work out whether you go it alone or fork out for a Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour.  Feverishly researching the internet for all the things you need to do, places to see and restaurants to eat at.  Then you have to remember exactly where they all are and how to get to them.  It can be a daunting task at times that can leave you feeling as though you haven’t really seen the city at all as you get from A to B, ticking off attractions as you go.

There is an easier way to see a new city and that is by using a self guided walking tour app from

GPSmyCity’s mobile apps, available for both iOS and Android, feature self-guided city walks and GPS-powered travel articles for 1,000+ cities worldwide. Once installed, the app turns your mobile device into a personal tour guide. Each city walk or travel article comes with a detailed travel route plotted on an offline map, so you can explore the local highlights and hidden gems on your own.

The app can be used in offline mode and will give you turn by turn guidance on how to get to the sights contained in your guide.   The guides cover everything from the best tourist sights, architectural sights, interesting sights, hidden gems, best places to eat and many more customised tours of over 1000 cities worldwide.

Get Your Free Download

As a special offer to my readers, you can get a FREE upgrade to my “Authentic Japanese Dining” guide for Tokyo which features 25 Authentic Japanese restaurants in the Greater Tokyo area for the week starting October 8, 2018.

STEP 1: Download the GPSMyCity App for your Smartphone

STEP 2: Browse GPSMyCity and find my “Authentic Japanese Dining” guide.  Hint – type it directly in the search bar of the app for ease of finding.

STEP 3: From October 8th until October 14th, 2018 you can upgrade to the full version of the guide for FREE!

Go on, you know how much you want to try some unique Japanese dishes while in Tokyo….


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