Living in Moscow, Helsinki and Tokyo with Kids

Interview  on An Epic Education

One of the great things I have found while travelling the world is meeting like minded people, people who see life as a journey and not the destination, people who enjoy the unknown, the differences and the diversity that is life on Rock 3.

One such person I met via my blog is an American by the name of Jason Jenkins who has been travelling with his family since 2013 and has a pretty cool blog called “An Epic Education” covering his families travels and the challenges of educating their children while travelling.  He also has a series of regular podcasts featuring fellow family travellers he has met along the way.

This week he interviews me about our family’s travels through Russia, Japan and Finland, so click on the link below and find out a bit more about our experiences around Rock 3 and what it is like to travel as a family…

Epic Education Pod Cast

2 Degrees of Separation

As an interesting side-note to this interview, my relationship with Jason demonstrates just how small a world it is we live in when you are from New Zealand.  We have this joke in New Zealand that we are only separated by 2 degrees and not the normal 6 as no matter where you go, if you meet someone from New Zealand they will always know someone you know or even be related to them, no matter where you meet.  Anyway Jason and I met online through our blogs and started chatting about life as an international family and agreed that if we were ever in the same country we would meet up for a beer (or 2).  It so happened that Jason’s wife is Japanese and so they have ties to return to Japan regularly for, so while I was there he happened to visit.  We arranged to meet in a bar in Roppongi, not far from my home one Sunday evening.  Jason coincidentally happened to be staying with another Kiwi mate of his who joined us after he had dinner with his wife.  We discussed where we were from, he was from Dunedin at the bottom of the South Island and I am from Blenheim at the top and enjoyed a few beers together as Mainlanders.  Once we had finished we wandered towards our homes and stopped at Roppongi Crossing to say goodnight and grab each others contact details as we found we only lived a mere 10 minute walk apart.

Now for some background, at his point I personally knew 2 other New Zealanders (apart from family) in the whole of Japan (Pop. approx 135,000,000), so Jason’s mate was the 3rd.  Anyway as we are chatting away before going home he asks if by any chance I knew any of the Kiwis who lived in Minakami, to which I replied “yes, funnily enough I know a guy up there I do some work for”.  Turns out him and Jason’s mate were best friends from way back in high school days….

It wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last time, I bet, that I meet another Kiwi who knows someone I know…. it really is a small world after all….


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Tony Fitzpatrick
Architect, Dad, Traveller & Head Rover at Around Rock 3
After a brief flirtation with Japan in the early '90's, and some occasional trips to Australia since, I have had an unrequited love affair with Japan and general desire to explore the world for the next 20 years while reality prevailed and I found myself pretty much stuck in my home country of New Zealand (not that is an entirely bad thing...).After a chance opportunity arose in mid 2012 to relocate our family to Moscow, Russian Federation I finally set off on my OE with my family in tow. It has been an amazing journey that has seen us experience life in Russia, Japan and now Finland, as well as visiting around a dozen countries so far in our adventure to date.While my family situation has changed along the way, I am continuing to explore the world with my tri-lingual son and enjoy sharing the adventures we have had with my followers.

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