Planning Your 1 Day Ski Trip From Tokyo

Plan Your JAPOW Fix Now

With winter just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to start thinking about your skiing options if you are in Japan.   Two places I can recommend, with easy access from Tokyo, for families and beginners especially are, Tsugaike Kogen and Gala Yuzawa.   If you are just wanting to enjoy a fun day in the JAPOW then Gala Yuzawa is the place for you, but if you want to get away and enjoy a few days on some of the most beautiful powder in the world then head on up to Tsugaike Kogen in Nagano Prefecture.

Gala Yuzawa Location MapOne Day Trip to Gala Yuzawa

After getting your fill of the city life of Tokyo your family may be seeking a little extra adventure than can be accomplished in one day. Thanks to the amazing transportation system of Japan you can achieve  much in within a few hours.

The Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort, located in Niigata Prefecture, is a 75 minute ride by Joetsu Shinkansen train from Tokyo Station.

Didn’t plan on skiing during your family vacation?

Gala Yuzawa Course MapNot to worry, the resort has everything for your comfort. When you disembark the train at Gala Yuzawa Station you will be at the ski shop, obtain your ticket, rental gear, refreshments, board the gondola and ride to the slopes. The ski shop offers lockers within large changing areas so you can store your valuables safely. After you and the family have enjoyed the day skiing simply take the gondola down to the shop, return your rented gear, collect your valuables and catch a train back to Tokyo. The resort hosts a food court which will ensure you have many options and not be deprived of a good meal.

Resort Facts

gy-resort-statsGala Yuzawa

Lift Prices

Gala Yuzawa Lift

Visit a JR Travel office at one of the main stations and you can obtain a family package deal which includes all that you will need at a lower price than what you would pay on the mountain. The 75 minute ride from the Tokyo Station (Max-Tanigawa or Tanigawa, from platforms 20 – 23) to the resort will cost 6,500 yen. The JR Travel Store can also give you a family package deal for this.

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