The Things You See…..

While I will try and update you on our initial experiences in Russia over the next few days, this is like a Fast Forward post of an experience Jimmy and I had last night.

We decided that after the dramas of a new school and the issues Molly had with settling in there, that as a reward for seeing out the first week we would take the kids out for tea at our local Japanese Restaurant.   After we finished tea and had paid the bill we were walking out when Jimmy decided he needed a wee, so we popped into the men’s toilet.   On the way in we passed a joker coming out who tried to talk to us in Russian, and kept on talking to us as we tried to get into the toilet area, which seemed strange to start with as you don’t often have a conversation with a stranger in the loo….  anyway both the urinal and the loo were in use and so we waited till one was free, the guy at the urinal finished and walked out, but it was too high for Jim to use, so we waited for the guy in the loo to finish who was standing there having a pee with the door open.  Anyway he finished what he was doing, then reholstered his revolver (that’s a genuine revolver, that shoots things, not the thing he was holding in his hands….), pulled his jacket over the gun and walked out.   Jimmy did his thing, we went to leave only to find the last guy out had locked the door behind him….  So don’t know what we walked in on there or what the guy was trying to tell us, but was rather surreal at the time.   Probably reinforced my impression that your average Russian joker looks just like every Russian villain we have ever seen in any movie in the west and that impression that you don’t know when they will pull out a gun and shoot someone……

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Tony Fitzpatrick
Architect, Dad, Traveller & Head Rover at Around Rock 3
After a brief flirtation with Japan in the early '90's, and some occasional trips to Australia since, I have had an unrequited love affair with Japan and general desire to explore the world for the next 20 years while reality prevailed and I found myself pretty much stuck in my home country of New Zealand (not that is an entirely bad thing...).After a chance opportunity arose in mid 2012 to relocate our family to Moscow, Russian Federation I finally set off on my OE with my family in tow. It has been an amazing journey that has seen us experience life in Russia, Japan and now Finland, as well as visiting around a dozen countries so far in our adventure to date.While my family situation has changed along the way, I am continuing to explore the world with my tri-lingual son and enjoy sharing the adventures we have had with my followers.

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