How to Get the Best Deal When Transferring Money Internationally

Save More Next Time You Transfer Money Internationally

If you have ever had to make an international money transfer I am sure you are well aware of that resentment you feel when you are hit with a huge fee by the processing agent for facilitating the transfer.  Often we need to get the money there quickly so settle on the easiest option we can find, which often involves some sort of inconvenience, whether it is physically having to find a location in an out of the way place or by way of the poor exchange rate we receive or the large processing fee we get stung with, often on top of the poor exchange rate….

Moneytis logoWell, fear no more, there is a better way to send your money around the globe without costing you the Earth……  Say hello to Moneytis

With Moneytis you are able to enter into their widget the amount of money you want to send and the currencies you are sending from and to and it will scan through approximately 9 different transfer services and provide you with a range of solutions, detailing the available services for this particular transaction, along with how much of the foreign currency they will give you and an indication of your savings, how the service works, how long it will take and their rating of how easy the service is to use.


They will recommend their best pick based on a combination of money saved and time taken, but you are free to choose whichever service suits your needs best and can continue on to their site by clicking the arrow to the right of their listing.

iphone-moneytisThis is a totally free service, with Moneytis earning their commission from any transactions that originate from their site, at no extra cost to you.  So before you transfer any money back home (or to a family member in need abroad….) check them out and get the best deal from the comfort of your computer or smart phone.

Don’t fall prey to the hidden fees and poor exchange rates of your current transfer method, check out Moneytis now and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket.  Enter your details below and see how much you can save;